“Towards the Green Future: The European Green Deal” Brokerage Event

“Towards the Green Future: The European Green Deal” Brokerage Event

We are delighted to announce that the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye (TÜBİTAK) will host “Towards the Green Future: The European Green Deal” Brokerage Event in Brussels on November 16, 2023. EGD 2023 stands firmly dedicated to uniting Europe’s and Türkiye’s research and innovation communities, providing an ideal platform for collaboration on making Europe the first climate-neutral continent. This Brokerage offers research and industry leaders a stage to explore project ideas and gain insights into upcoming Horizon Europe calls, aligning seamlessly with the priorities of the European Union’s and Türkiye’s Green Deal joint objectives.

The Event offers a unique platform to connect with Turkish and European researchers for discussions and first-hand information about Horizon Europe calls, as well as a good opportunity to expand networks and forge new partnerships.

This one-day event showcases exceptional opportunities for those who aspire to academic excellence, entrepreneurial spirit, and nonprofit dedication, in perfect harmony with the themes of Horizon Europe Calls and the shared aspirations of the European Union and Türkiye. It caters to academics, businesses, and nonprofit organizations keen on participating in Horizon Europe research and innovation projects. Participants can exhibit their scientific and technological capabilities, interests, and ideas, form partnerships with their European counterparts.

Workshop 1 – Cluster 5: Energy and Mobility: A Clean and Sustainable Approach Explore the intersection of clean energy and sustainable mobility, vital components of the Green Deal.

Workshop 2 – Cluster 6: Circular Economy and Bioeconomy, Food and Agriculture, Zero Waste Discover the circular economy’s transformative potential, alongside innovative approaches in bioeconomy, food and agriculture, and zero waste initiatives.

Workshop 3 – Cluster 4 & Research Infrastructure: Digital, Industry & Research Infrastructure: Discover how progress in digital and industrial technologies is shaping all sectors of the economy and society.

Workshop 4 – Cluster 2: Social Science Integration to Green Deal- Explore how societal integration is essential for bringing citizen engagement to the European Green Deal.

Beyond networking, this event offers valuable prospects to collaboratively shape proposals, build consortia, and leverage the expertise of EC officials and international experts. The event will feature a series of presentations on potential proposals, followed by bilateral meetings between Turkish organizations and their European counterparts to explore opportunities for sustainable cooperation and collaborative project development.

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