Plasmasphere Ionosphere Thermosphere Integrated Research Environment and Access services: a Network of Research Facilities- 6th call

Key national and regional research infrastructures, such as the European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association (EISCAT), the Low Frequency Array, or LOFAR (a new-generation radio interferometer constructed in the north of the Netherlands and across Europe), and the Digisonde ionospheric sounders, will come under a single European distributed network. This is the aim of the EU-funded PITHIA-NRF project. By integrating these facilities on a European scale and opening them up to all European researchers, the project will help to significantly advance research in the field of upper atmosphere and near-Earth space. The work will ultimately pave the way for new observation technologies and standard-making processes for software and high-level data products. Deadline: 31/05/2024.