European Virus Archive GLOBAL

The EU-funded EVA-GLOBAL project gathers 43 laboratories associated with key Non-Governmental Organizations including WHO and OIE. EVA-GLOBAL network is reinforced by 12 Associate Partners and 5 Associate international networks. This unique advanced international community (12 EU and 17 non-EU) aims at becoming the most responsive network to improve the control of emerging or re-emerging virus outbreaks at the global level. The past EVAg, has already been able to play a key role for the control of major virus outbreaks such as MERS, Chik, Zika, Ebola, Dengue, COVID-19 viruses, by the supply of unique reagents for the detection of viruses in infected patients. Through the new institutes joining the consortium, EVA-G will become the largest virtual virus collection for human, animal and plant viruses.