Engeneering Research Infrastructures for European Synergies

ERIES responds to the call INFRA-2021-SERV-01-07: Research infrastructure services advancing frontier knowledge with the overall objective of providing transnational access to advanced research infrastructures in the fields of structural, seismic, wind and geotechnical engineering. This project, together with the research infrastructure team assembled, provides access to leading experimental facilities that permit users to advance frontier knowledge and conduct curiosity-driven research towards: the reduction of losses and disruption due to these hazards; the management of their associated risk; and the development of innovative solutions to address them that will contribute to a greener and more sustainable society. To this end, ERIES will offer transnational access to the best European experimental facilities in each field, with new and unique infrastructures available for the first time in this programme, along with the provision of a key laboratory in North America. It also foresees a key contribution from the European Commission?s Joint Research Centre, as anticipated by the call. It integrates the successful results and implementation of the past infrastructure projects, such as SERIES and SERA, and expands access capabilities to new communities and disciplines which were not yet focused on in past projects. Its anticipated outcome is to provide authoritative input for diverse stakeholders, from Civil Protection agencies to the European seismic building code; develop future standards for experimental techniques in earthquake, wind and geotechnical engineering; and provide a platform from which European researchers can develop innovative solutions and testbed applications of next-generation technologies. With 12 beneficiaries from 8 countries, ERIES builds an important element toward the reduction of losses, management of risk, and overall a greener and more sustainable engineering future in Europe.