ARIADNEplus | Advanced Research Infrastructure for Archaeological Dataset Networking in Europe plus

ARIADNE provides services for archaeologists to enable trans-national access to the research infrastructure. These services include online databases and training resources, training workshops and placements in participating research organisations to enable researchers to gain pan-European experience. The ARIADNE Portal will also include a registry, search facilities, visualization, alerts and other online services that will support the finding and sharing of archaeological datasets.ARIADNE includes leading portals which provide integrated access to several archaeological datasets.  The project is developing a core set of services that will be available through a state-of-the-art portal for the archaeological research community, including registry, search, visualization, access, alert and other services.The ARIADNEplus project is the extension of the previous ARIADNE Integrating Activity, which successfully integrated archaeological data infrastructures in Europe, indexing in its registry about 2.000.000 datasets. ARIADNEplus will build on the ARIADNE results, extending and supporting the research community that the previous project created and further developing the relationships with key stakeholders such as the most important European archaeological associations, researchers, heritage professionals, national heritage agencies and so on.