RM Roadmap Survey

RM Roadmap Survey

The ESFRI secretariat has shared an invitation to a survey on research management and research careers. The survey has been launched by the EU project RM Roadmap.

The main aim of the survey is to get a comprehensive picture of the current situation of Research Managers (RMs) across Europe.

The survey builds on previous surveys, primarily on the RAAAP (Research Administration As A Profession) series, an international, longitudinal set that has identified the key skills, attitudes and behaviours of successful research management and administration leaders, their involvement in support for impact, and their routes into the profession. This approach makes the answers comparable and provides an opportunity for a deeper analysis. However, its inclusiveness and European focus make the present survey unique, which predicts the setting of further goals, namely, the formulation of recommendations:

  • on an inclusive definition and terminology including RM professional categories;
  • on an RM career development framework;
  • on an RM skill and competence matrix; 
  • on a future RM training scheme.

The survey is targeted to research managers. The deadline for the survey is on the 28th January 2024.

For further info and for the survey here. 

If you have any questions or complaints about the survey or your participation, please contact the research team at rm-roadmap@hetfa.hu and rm-roadmap@novaims.unl.pt

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