Global Science Forum- ESFRI Workshop on assessing public expenditures committed to RIs

Research infrastructures (RIs) play a critical role in the scientific enterprise. They are now an essential component for all scientific domains and not only allow to push the boundaries of existing knowledge and the production of breakthrough research but they also play a major role in structuring the research system through the development of networks, of user communities and of rich ecosystems that bring together many research and innovation stakeholders. This increasing role of RIs in the science system, and the increasing complexity of RIs, has led to their a steady increase in their funding requirement: not only have RIs become a necessity in all scientific disciplines, but the cost of individual RIs can reach billions or even tens of billion euros.

While there are indication that RI investments are indeed increasing steadily and, in some case, thet funders indicate that this has reached their funding capacity, it is, however, unclear whether the share dedicated to infrastructure is growing commensurately or faster than total public investments into R&D, and how RI funding requirements are distributed between new RIs, participation to international RI projects, needs for upgrading existing facilities or just operating RIs and providing access to all interested users.

The gathering of RI funding data (e.g., RI funding trends, funding distribution along different needs…) alongside trends in research funding would enrich discussions around RI planning and financing for national funding and decision-making stakohlders.

The proposed workshop, which is co-organised by the OECD (Global Science Forum) and the European Strategy Forum for Researcn Infrastructures (ESFRI) would be dedicated investigating what are the demands from relevant stakeholders regarding RI funding data, existing data-gathering mechanisms for RI funding and their limits, what funding could reasonably be assessed (should this include restricted or categorised definitions of RIs, specific phases of the RI life cycle, full cost of RIs or only elements that are more easy to investigate) and how better standardised RI funding information might be generated.

 Here for the agenda and for the registration to the workshop.