ESFRI publishes Report on Access to RIs

ESFRI publishes Report on Access to RIs

In an effort of identify the challenges to broader and effective access to Research Infrastructures (RIs) as needed by users to tackle scientific and societal challenges, and to underpin the new European Research Area (ERA), ESFRI Drafting Group on Access implemented a set of surveys in May-June 2023 targeting research infrastructures and RI stakeholders.  

The respondents express a large diversity of types of access (physical, remote, virtual), nature of service offered (access to equipment, to data, to collection etc.), often depending on the domain and the nature of the RI. Among the barriers to broader access, several legal, institutional, and financial aspects were raised as well as technical aspects.

The outcomes of the survey are presented in detail in the ESFRI report on Access to Research Infrastructures and Charter on Access to RIs. Preliminary recommendations to address access challenges and revise the European Charter of Access to Research Infrastructures are also included. 

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